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Lucky's survival guide

When luck strikes...

Lucky here is THE perfect roommate. Does kind of his own thing and needs very little attention from you. He grows slowly (but steadily!) and doesn't mind the fact that you totally forgot to water it for two weeks. Lucky is slightly poisonous, so be careful with pets. Lucky for you: he handles himself well in most environments sunshine or shade, nothing rains on his parade!

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Little water needed
Low air purifier
Once every two years
40 cm tall, including pot
Slightly toxic
Once a month in summer

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What makes Lucky so special

This special variation of the Zamioculcas or ZZ plant is called the Zenzi or Dwarf ZZ. They are a bit harder to find and since we found some we're calling this guy Lucky! Lucky here is Luke's little baby brother and he is just as easy going as his bigger sibling. The biggest difference is the size of the leaves and the compactness of them growing all bunched up together. It's actually just a cute Luke if you think about it! Luke-ing cute Lucky!

Zamioculcas Zenzi (L) | ZZ Plant


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