Choosing the best potting soil for your houseplants

Choosing the best potting soil for your houseplants

Pot it like its hot! Choosing the right potting soil for your houseplants is no small task. Think about it this way, you choose what home you live in based on criteria to fit your own needs, right? Well, houseplants are just as particular and need the right soil mixtures depending on their needs.

Not all plants are created equal and a key factor that plays into your plant’s health is the soil that it sits in! When potting houseplants in soil, first you must get to know the green amigo that you’re planting. A succulent doesn’t require the same soil composition as say, a pothos plant. So it’s best to understand what plant you are rooting in soil before choosing the mix that’s best for your new green amigo. 


Potting mix for houseplants. For delivery in Canada(Photo: @neslihangunaydin)

There’s a few different potting soil mixes available at local garden centers, but sometimes the choices can feel a bit overwhelming - “general potting mix”, “seed starting mix”, “soil moisture mix” blah, blah, blah - all these mixes can make someone’s head explode! 

So let’s cut the noise and break it down clearly:

Tropical Potting Mixes

Basic potting mixes typically contain perlite or vermiculite, coconut coir or peat, and compost. However, not all potting mixes are made equal and the quality of your potting mix matters! Potting mixes can also contain additional nutrient-dense ingredients to help your houseplants thrive, so understanding the makeup of your potting mix is suuuuper important. 

Choosing potting soil for your houseplants - soil delivery in Canada.(Photo: @vadimkaipov)

Plantsome’s organic and fair trade soil mix is created in-house and contains 4 key nutrient-dense ingredients that help your plants growth!

Vermiculite - Vermiculite improves aeration of the soil, and promotes a consistent release of added fertilizer. It also helps the soil to retain moisture, giving your plant to nutrients it needs.

Coconut Coir - Coir is derived from the middle fibrous part of the coconut and carries many advantages in mixes. It reduces the risk of pests, leaves plenty of room for your plant’s root system and is an environmentally conscious product. 

Compost (organic materials) - Compost is naturally made using oxygen, bacteria, water and organic materials. Compost loosens tightly bound particles so that roots can spread, water can drain, and allows air to penetrate the mix. 

Worm Castings - The organic matter in worm castings improves soil structure. It increases water retention, improves soil aeration, and anchors plant nutrients. 

Okay, now that that science lesson is over, you can rest easy knowing that your green amigo is in good soil with Plantsome’s Organic Tropical Plant Mix


Plantsome's Tropical Soil Mix - Delivery available throughout Canada
Did your green amigo outgrow it’s nursery pot and needs an upgrade? Try repotting your plants with our Organic Tropical Plant Mix, delivered right to your door. 

Plants that grow in this mixture: 

Eileen | Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig potted in Organic Tropical Plant Mix

(Photo: @maxwthd)

Alfredo | Monstera Deliciosa

Sophia | Calathea Medallion... and many more. 

Succulent mix

If you’ve ever struggled to keep a succulent alive, the problem may not have been you, it may have been the soil you had it potted in. Drainage is key for these drought-prone succas! If the soil they’re sitting in is too wet for too long, their roots can (and will) rot. Then you’re left with a shriveled up, soggy succulent.

We’ve created the perfect succulent mix for plants that require less water and can survive in drought-prone conditions. The ingredients in our succulent mix are different than our tropical soil mix. It is still made in-house using 100% organic and sustainability sourced ingredients. This soil’s pH levels are balanced to fit the needs of most succulent plants.

Ingredients include:

Coconut Coir - You learned about this one already ;)

Pumice - Releases moisture slowly and at a steady rate, preventing root rot.

Coarse Sand - Coarse sand doesn’t hold onto moisture ensuring for faster water drainage for your succulents.

Compost - See above in Tropical soil mix.

Organic Succulent Mix delivered right to your doorstep
Building your own succulent bowl? Get a bag of Plantsome's Organic Succulent Mix delivered right to you!

Note: Succulents aren’t the only plants that benefit from this type of soil. Think of all the plants that don’t require a lot of water like Luke, the ZZ plant and Kaa, the snake plant. These plants would benefit being planted in this succulent mix!

Here's a list of plants that can grow in succulent mix 
Warning: This may surprise you!

Beau | Ponytail Palm

String of...anything!
Flip | String of Dolphins
Ana | String of Bananas
Peggy | String of Pearls

String of pearls - potted in Plantsome's organic succulent mix.

Wendy | Cascading Jade

Johnny | Joshua Tree Cane Yucca

...and of course, all succulentsOnly the very best for our succa’s right?! 


If you’re not sure which type of soil your new green amigo needs and deserves. DM us on Instagram or email us at and we will give you the best recommendation to get your green amigo living its best life.

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