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You’re not a real start-up if you don’t have a press page, don’t you think? Well then, here’s ours! The content on this page and in our media kit is free to use for press publications but don’t be a stranger! We would love to hear what you’re saying about us and we're here if you ever have questions!

About Plantsome
Plantsome was started in 2017 with the sole mission of making the purchase of- and care for plants easy and fun. Simply put, Plantsome makes Plant parenthood a breeze by allowing you to shop over a hundred different tropical plants from the comfort of your home, and manage their watering needs easily with the Plantsome app! Oh and did we mention we like to have a bit of fun while doing that? We do this with a healthy dose of humor because plants and comedy go hand in plant!

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Media kit:

Click the link below to get access to our Google Drive folder which will give you access to our media kit where all the good stuff lives. High res images, our Plantsome logo and a fact sheet, we got you covered.

Fresh for the press!


Plantsome currently serves customers in four different countries across two different continents and we’re not done expanding! Our North American head office can be found in the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver which is conveniently located next to some of the largest tropical plant growers of Canada. Our European head office is found in the world’s largest tropical greenhouse Holland!

Plantsome North-America

117 West 6th Avenue
V5Y 1K3, Vancouver
BC, Canada

Plantsome Europe

Zwethlaan 40
2675LB Honselersdijk
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Fresh for the press!