6 questions to determine which of our green amigo's are a perfect match for you I am searching a plant for someone else

Let's go!

My new plant will go in the
  • living room
  • bathroom
  • bedroom
  • office
  • garden/balcony
where there is
  • lots of
  • a little bit
  • no
light. I am looking for a
  • large sized
  • medium sized
  • small sized
plant. As a plant parent I'm
  • not so great
  • pretty good
at taking care of my plants. Pets or kids at my place?
  • Yes
  • No

  • large sized
  • medium sized
  • small sized
plant will be gifted to someone that
  • is likely terrible
  • is likely a natural
at taking care of their plant. They live in a house filled with
  • plenty of light
  • a bit of light
  • zero light (really?)
The person who this gift is for has
  • pets/kids.
  • no pets/kids.
However, we talk about air purifying so be sure to take note of that.

Grr.. darnit.. we didn't find any plants that fit your search criteria.

But,... we do have these! Check them out!

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