Having plants at home isn't just a great way to spruce up your digs, Plants purify the air and give you that much needed boost of oxygen. And if you're looking for something that fits your personal preferences, we've got you covered. Whether its flowering plants, pet friendly plants, or just really weird looking ones. There's something at Plantsome for everyone.


Our best sellers

Monstera's, Calatheas, Banana plants and ZZ plants are among the most favorite plants at Plantsome. Oh, and let's not forget our snakes! Here's a list of our best selling plants right now:

The journey to your new plant

Take the fuss out of buying a new green friend


Find your plant

Finding a new plant was never easier. Using our plant finder you'll make light work of filtering for the perfect plant that fits your home. Still can't find the right one? We love to help! Send us a note via email or WhatsApp!


Choose a pretty pot

Our wide selection of pots will match any home decor. Trendy, modern and urban chique - we have it all. Pots are essential to complete the look and we love helping you with that, too! Saves you another trip!


Delivery to your home

Red alert! Red alert! Incoming customer order! As soon as you place your order our team will be hard at work to guarantee your plant arrives quickly and safely in our special plant boxes that guarantee a safe delivery.


There's an app for that!

Caring for plants stressful much? Say no more! Use the Plantsome app and say goodbye to rotting roots and wilting leaves! Still having trouble? Drop us a text, DM or send an old fashioned email. We love to help!


Why buy plants online

Great question! There are so many advantages to shopping online at Plantsome its hard to list them all. You'll be guaranteed to get a plant that matches your needs and shopping is a breeze when everything magically arrives at your doorstep, don't you think? Saves you the trip and the trouble!


Use the plant finder

Looking for the perfect new roommate? Our plant finder will ask just the right questions for you to pick your new plant friend.

Use the plant finder

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Need help caring for your plants?

Don't worry! Even if you weren't born with a green thumb, Plantsome is here to help. Ease into plant parenthood by selecting an easy to care for plant using the Plantsome plant finder. Then, download the mighty Plantsome App! This easy to use tool will tell you when to water and fertilize your plants, and how much, so you don't have to keep track. The app does all the hard work so you can focus on the joys of bringing plants into your home.

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