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Sylvie's survival guide

Loves to hang out

Like the bully who stole your lunch in school used to say, less is more! Sylvie is small but has a beautiful voluptuous canopy that makes her stunningly good at cleaning the air. She is lightly poisonous, so be careful with pets. Sylvie is not a huge fan of the sun, so put her in a shaded area and give her some H20 every week or so!.

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Average water needed
Once every year
25 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Once every month (summer)

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What makes Sylvie so special

"Try a small one for size" is Sylvie's motto. Even though she's tiny, Sylvie will give you immense delight with her beautiful leaves that shine in majestic colorful combinations. She left us hypnotised! If you're not affraid of some mystique in your home, Sylvie is your girl. What a great, small plant!

Tradescantia Zebrina | Wandering Plant (M)


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