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Peggy's survival guide

Gives Rapunzel a run for her money

Just about every self-respecting plant Insta page has a photo of this lady on his or her feed: the Senecio Rowleyanus aka Pea Plant aka String of Pearls or our little Peggy as we call her. The reason Peggy is so much in the spotlight may be obvious, her gorgeous strings of pearls. I mean just look at 'em! Draping down like a kind of green waterfall. A beautiful hanging plant to place in any modern interior. Peggy is very attached to her pearls, but she understand she has to let go of some of them occasionally. Do not be alarmed if some have come detached on arrival. She just creates new ones!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Little water needed
Repot when root bound
17 cm tall, including pot
Bright indirect light
Very toxic - careful with pets/kids
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes Peggy so special

A word of caution: Peggy is very possessive of her pearls. This beautiful necklace that she's wearing can become very long (60-90 cm!), so take this into account when choosing a spot. Furthermore, Peggy is a succulent from the drier parts of West Africa. She doesn't need a lot of water. She likes a bright spot but not in direct sunlight. Peggy's lovely locks may be a little short right now but with enough love and attention they will be Instagram-worthy in no time. We love you Peggy!

Senecio Rowleyanus | String of Pearls (M)



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