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Poppy's survival guide

Studies the art of the Russian Polka Dot

The Hypoestes Phyllostachia is part of the Polka Dot family. This pretty lady is called Poppy and she was born and raised on the beautiful Island of madagascar. She is at her best in a more humid climate so its best to keep her inside where its nice and warm. Play her some Kalinka and watch her grow!

pot has a diameter of 5 cm
Regular water needed
Every 3-5 years
7 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Once a month during spring, summer, and fall

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What makes Poppy so special

It's Poppy's spotty and colourful leaves that 'leave' many plant gazers starstruck. These little leaves are are a real showstopper but truth be told, Poppy is actually quite shy. And if you thought her spots are special have a look at the beautiful colour! underneath her leaves! **Polka dot leaf colour could be Pink, White, Red or Multi-colour depending on what's available. Don't worry, they all look gorgeous!**

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