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Bao's survival guide

A fine pine

Rest easy and unwind because Bao is here to bring fresh air and peace to your home. This sophisticated, zen gentleman is certainly one of a kind and is ready to become your personal meditation coach. Before you wake up, Bao will have already meditated for at least two hours, so you'll need to do some catch up. Now, let's try it again c'mon: focus on your breathing, juuuuuust focussss... aaaahh...

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
80 cm tall, including pot

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What makes Bao so special

The Buddhist Pine has a vibrant, grass-like foliage that mesmerizes anyone who sees him. He's an easy going fella who doesn't require much care from you. However, make sure to keep him healthy by letting his soil dry before waterings and by placing him somewhere he can get bright light, including direct sunlight. Bao also has the potential to become a huge amigo, so he may require some trimming as his hair starts to grow.

Podocarpus | Buddhist Pine (XL)



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