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Rocky Jr.'s survival guide

Doesn't pull any punches

Rocky looks tough as nails but he's actually kind of a softie! If you pet his pads you'll see they feel really soft. Coming from the desert, Rocky is used to taking care of himself which makes him perfect for the beginner plant parent. He stores water in his, stemless, and clump-like leaves that, as Rocky grows, divide into two halves. Who knew plants could be cool and cute at the same time!

pot has a diameter of 5 cm
Very little water needed
Once every two years
8 cm tall, including pot
Bright direct or indirect light
Not needed

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What makes Rocky Jr. so special

If you've always wanted a pet rock you should really consider getting a split rock. And if you never wanted a pet rock, you should still consider getting a Split Rock. They are not as animated as a Tamagotchi but it sure beats staring at a pebble all day. Pleinopilos are natively found in the desert of Africa where they grow (slowwwwwly) under the beating sun. And if you hadn't figured it out yet, these rocks don't need a lot of water to survive. Wait until the soil is completely (no no, not yet, we said COMPLETELY!) dried out before watering again and skip on the H20 for most of winter! Rocky thanks you!

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