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Crystal's survival guide

Do you want to hear about the deep state?

Crystal is as woke as they come. To her everybody is a sheep and she’ll be the first person tell you how you’re being led astray. Crystal has her own blog where she carefully outlines how the very fabric of our society is fraying because of the rise of populist movements and the influence of social media on our mind body and spirit. She’s not totally wrong but there is a point where somebody is so woke that they are hallucinating. Crystal had a run in with the law after she ‘planted’ herself outside a popular waffle shop with protest signs because she firmly believed it was a secret drop site for spies of the deep state. It’s crazy but we don’t know what to believe anymore!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Frequent water needed
Low air purifying
Every two years
15 cm tall, including pot
Bright spot, no direct sunlight
Once a month

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What makes Crystal so special

The Moon Valley Pilea A.K.A Pilea Involucrata is made up of green, quilted leaves with deep bronze veins (and a deep hatred for corporations). Crystal is a fan of moist soil, high humidity and warm temperatures - she’s not a fan of companies that keep your  data and sell it to other companies 'anonymized' (yeah right). Keep Crystal away from direct sunlight though, it will scorch those pretty leaves to a crisp and nobody wants to see a crystal turn to dust.

Pilea Involucrata | Moonvalley (S)


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