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William's survival guide

A plant of Royal descent!

William gets away with just about anything. His blonde locks can get him into trouble but his playful personality and royal pedigree get him right back out of it. Philodendrons are like house plant royalty, they are kind of the originals, dating back to Victorian times and this Moonlight is the lush, playful new generation. Word has it William has big plans for the future but he is waiting his turn to shine. But enough about that from us, you can read all about it on TMZ.

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Average water needed
Once every two years
55 cm tall, including pot
Medium to low light needed
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes William so special

When most people think, "tropical house plant" they usually imagine something like a Philodendron - beautiful large lush leaves with striking colours or patterns exploding from the pot. Its why Philos have been household favourites for eons! The big difference between William's cousins and William here is that he is not a vining plant. William has a fear of heights and is not big on climbing, but his Moonlight will turn any room into a jungle! Give him a warm, humid environment (jungle style!) and hold the sunshine. Shade is where its at for William. If you treat William like the royal that he is, he can grow grow grow! 

Philodendron Moonlight (XL)


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