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Nala Jr.'s survival guide

Nervous much?

Nala Jr. is such a sweet little plant. She's not the fondest of being in the spotlight and tends to shy away from too much social activity but that's ok! Nala's introverted behaviour is so well balanced with her dazzlingly coloured leaves. And ominous looking as they may seem, the leaves of the Fittonia are non-toxic so safe for pets! No need to get nervous about Fifi throwing up after nibbling on Nala. Nice!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Once every two years
14 cm tall, including pot
Low light
Monthly in summer

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What makes Nala Jr. so special

Nala the nerve plant may be small in stature but she sure has a striking look to her. The dark green leaves are brightened by tiny pinkish veins that run through them. Nala is an easy grower that doesn't mind to be in the shade. Low light is her kinda light. In fact, she gets a little 'nervous' in bright spots with lots of other super tall sun loving plant friends around. She's not a recluse entirely but Nala certainly likes to keep to herself. That's why she's got her own little shelf here at Plantsome. You grow girl!

Nerve Plant | Fittonia Albivenis (S)

Nala Jr.

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