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Alfredo's survival guide


Alfredo is a Monstera Deliciosa which is commonly referred to as a Swiss Cheese Plant, Swiss Cheese Vine and Five holes plant. All these names gave Alfredo a bit of an identity crisis. To top it all off, botanists once lumped him in with the wrong family! Fortunately the record has been set straight and we know he's part of the Monstera family. It was all very stressful for Alfredo so we've agreed not to bring it up to him again. Can you help us keep that promise?

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Average water needed
Once every two years
22 cm tall, including pot
Once every two weeks (summer)

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What makes Alfredo so special

Buenas dias Alfredo! The Monstera Deliciosa is naturally found in Mexico. So lock away your mezcal and hide the guac! Ha, just kidding but seriously though, Alfredo is nacho average joe. Alfredo is a climber so keep an eye on those leaves or he'll just start wandering off! Alfredo is blessed with beautiful leaves that when grown bigger, eventually become full of holes that you'll find in most Swiss Cheese plants. Alfredo loves the sun but tranquilo por favor with direct sunlight. Be nice to Alfredo and he will show you some real Mexican character. Gracias!

Monstera Deliciosa (S) | Swiss Cheese Plant



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