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Leo's survival guide

Welcome to the jungle

Leo is like one of those characters you see in animated movies: strong and always looking on the bright side of things, but with a vulnerable side! Get ready to spend a lot of time watching palm d'or movies with Leo!.

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Frequent water needed
Every other year
110 cm tall, including pot
Sunny, direct light
Not toxic
Once every three months

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What makes Leo so special

Roll over, Tiger King, Leo's here! As any proud Madagascar native, Leo is big on sun and water. Make sure to treat him well and he will more than repay you with quality air. Oh, and let's not forget another great thing about him: he's pet-friendly too. You'll never have to choose between Leo or your cat, not matter if it's a small kitty or a giant, caged one in a zoo full of weird people.

Majesty Palm | Ravaena Rivularis (XL)


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