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Andre Junior's survival guide

Have you heard about his dad?

Limelight Dracaenas get their name for a reason and, despite popular belief (and science), it’s not the color of their leaves. It’s because they love attention, or “the limelight”. Our Andre here is the biggest attention seeker of all, even though he really doesn't need it. We think it 'stems' (heh) from issues with his father, who he claims was professional wrestler Andre the Giant. While the truth is often subjective, our standby plant therapist agrees that he’s probably just really confused. But there’s no sob story in that, no book deal, no possibility of a memoir directed by, produced by, and starring Andre Jr. So, despite being biologically and chronologically impossible, we’ve agreed to introduce him as the abandoned son of a long dead French wrestler. Contact our publicist for any booking inquiries.

85 cm tall, including pot

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What makes Andre Junior so special

Andre runs in the same gang as the rest of our Dracaenas, wreaking havoc with their devastating good looks and tolerance for low light, water and other things your plants typically beg for. Yup, Dracaenas are so cool they can wear shades indoors and won't be judged for it. They’re all a bit poisonous though, but in an edgy way. Since his arrival, Andre has been trying to convince his brothers and sisters to form his entourage and feed him grapes, but they’re too busy planning his surprise intervention. “Lights, camera, take responsibility for your actions Andre, dammit!”.

Dracaena Limelight (XL)

Andre Junior

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