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Jim, John & Jane's survival guide

A box full of pricks, what more do you want?

Did you know that cacti are actually not a species of plant? They are a group of plants, grouped together for their ability to store water in leaves and for having spiny or prickly exteriors. There are over 2500 different species of Cacti in the world but HOLDUP...let's start with this collection of three shall we?

pot has a diameter of 5 cm
Little water needed
Once a year
10 cm tall, including pot
Direct sunlight
Slightly poisonous
Not needed

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What makes Jim, John & Jane so special

Cacti make great life partners. They keep a firm and fit physique, are perfectly able to care for themselves when left to their own devices for some time, and don't drink much at all! Invite this prickly trio to your home and watch them turn that side table into a real VIBE in no time.

Types of cacti will vary (Plantsome's choice), you can trust us, we'll p(r)ick some cute ones for you!

Cactus Trio - Assorted (XS)

Jim, John & Jane

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