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Leroy's survival guide

I can get you in… for a price

Leroy or “The Pale Sword’ as he’s known online is the greatest hacker the northern hemisphere has ever seen. When he was 14 he narrowly missed out on ‘Juvy’ when he hacked into the school system and changed a few student’s grades to an “F”. He later claimed that they had bullied him so the judge took pity on him but really he was just jealous that they were so popular. Leroy can hack into anything, even the pentagon, which he did so but only left a word document that said “I’m watching you”.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Once every two years
17 cm tall, including pot
Shade or partial shade
Once every three weeks

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What makes Leroy so special

The Strawberry Begonia is a native to Asia and is covered in blue-green leaves and sends out runners like a strawberry plant. Legend has it that these runners are to prevent Leroy from being detected while he’s hacking into things. Leroy enjoys brightly lit areas that receive a lot of sunlight and preferably a spot where the wifi is good. Leroy only needs watering sparingly, he doesn’t want to get too damp when he’s in the middle of a hackathon.

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