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Tucker's survival guide

Just give him a chance

Meet our new easy going green amigo: Tucker! A plant of little needs, Tucker mostly keeps to himself, although he is known for getting emotional during the National Anthem, he even knows the words off by heart. He told us he has a full scale version of the flag that he keeps tucked away between his leaves and only brings out for National Holidays. He keeps it perfectly folded thanks to a flag-folding tutorial that he found online. Tucker believes in freedom of speech...but only if you’re saying things that he’s okay with hearing.

pot has a diameter of 27 cm
80 cm tall, including pot

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What makes Tucker so special

Okay so you wanted something big, something beautiful, without the hassle of having to care for it all the time. Meet Tucker! This Cast Iron Plant, or Aspidistra if that's your thing is an impressively tough plant that is super hard to kill - if you enjoy killing plants, don't buy a Cast Iron Plant. Tucker has been neglected all his life and knows all about self-care and self preservation. Go ahead and take a long vacation, Tucker doesn’t like vacations anyway, why vacation away from the greatest place in the world (aka your home)?! Tucker’s not fussed about how much light you give him, just don’t leave him in the glaring sun all day.

Aspidistra | Cast Iron Plant (XL)


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