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Marty's survival guide

Eats dirty air for breakfast

Marty is Palm from Central America. To really shine in your room Marty will require plenty of bright indirect light. In return, you'll be awarded with air so super fresh, ahhhh just a a joy to come home to! Marty's hobby really is cleaning the air and its dirty work so Marty will require some love and attention from you to keep doing what Marty does best!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Frequent water needed
Once every three years
33 cm tall, including pot
Light and bright
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes Marty so special

Marty is one of the most popular Palms. He'd say he is THE most popular. Truth: you'll find in living rooms everywhere. Marty's latin name is a real jawbreaker so don't even try... Marty is also known as the Reed Palm and Good Luck Palm but to us Marty is just Marty from Central America. This powerful palm loves plenty of bright, filtered sun but is a slow grower. Tranquilo!

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