Caring for a Polyscias (Aralia) plant

The Polyscias or Aralia as it is commonly called really loves the darker spots of the home. This is not one for your window sill. That sounds easy going but this plant does require a little extra care than most other plants. Certainly not for the starting plant parent. Consider yourself warned!

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  • Moderate
  • Once every two years
  • Bright, Indirect to Low
  • Toxic
  • Every other month

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  • Poly means lots, and Scias means shade. Get it? This plant is found in many regions around the world. The particular Aralia Ming plant is found in the Polynesian island region.
  • Not the greatest air purifier but still a plant with some H20 filtering power. The Aralia ming has relatively small leaf surface which make it less great at air purifying than some other plants. Oh well...can't have it all
  • The Aralia Ming, unlike some other Polyscias plants is slightly poisonous so be careful with pets.
  • Watering is of particular concern when taking care of an Aralia plant. The Polyscias will want to be in a moist pot at all times. This of course, runs you the risk of over watering so be very careful and water at the right time. Better to water little bits at a time, many times, than all at once. The amount of water is also dependent on the temperature at home as well as the intensity of the light surrounding the plant. Hey, we told you this wasn't easy!
  • The Polyscias is a member of the shady plants :). These plants adore a spot with few windows and not too much bright light. But this does not mean the plant can make do without any light at all. Every plant needs light to survive and so does the Aralia. Put the plant in a spot with moderate indirect light and she'll thrive.
  • This plant does not need any extra fertilizer. if you are dead set on giving some, make sure the plant is in growth mode. So skip it at all times in winter.
  • The Polyscias is a fast grower. You'll want to give it a new pot at least once every two years to keep its growth going. Always choose a pot that is at least 20% bigger than the last one.
  • If you think your Aralia is growing out of control you can prune it and cut it down somewhat. You can cut down the stem which will force the Aralia to grow new shoots. It is best to do this in autumn when the plant has time to recover.
  • See white spots on the leaves? This may be because of the 'hardness' of your water. Filter the water and provide your Aralia with this filtered water to prevent it. This plant is prone to other diseases, too. Most homes and offices have low humidity which is not particularly good for for this plant. In winter spritz the leaves a little to increase the humidity and don't let the plant get too cold.

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