How to care for a Microsorum Pustulatum | Kangaroo Fern

Did you know that there are approximately 15,000 fern species in the planet? Gotta catch 'em all! Ferns have been around this planet for over 300,000 years, which makes them older than Hockey Night in Canada!

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  • Frequent
  • Once a year
  • Low light environments
  • Non-toxic
  • Reduced strength nutrition

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  • Ferns are among the best houseplants to remove indoor pollutants. And we're not claiming that from personal experience; this was actually the conclusion of a study by none other than NASA!
  • Not toxic. Pets who eat the fronds might throw up and in some cases have allergic reactions, but nothing serious.
  • As usual with ferns, make sure this one is constantly moist, but care not to soak it. The trick here is to check if the soil is wet. Distilled water, or even rainwater, are preferable to tap water for this plant. In winter, reduce watering to a half.
  • This fern thrives best in low light environments, which makes it a great option for an office or house plant. Suggestion: put it in an east-facing window, with medium indirect sunlight. Any place with shade is fine, as long as it has high humidity.
  • Give it a mixture of half balanced plant food and half water to reduce the strength, as ferns don't need a lot of plant food. Do this once a month in spring and summer, and skip feeding it in fall and winter.
  • Once it starts to outgrow its container, it's time to repot your fern. Put it in a pot 2 inches larger than the previous one. Spring's the best time of the year for moving it.
  • As soon as leaves fall, remove them; cut the dead and the old ones a few inches above the soil line to reduce the risk of diseases and make room for regrowth.
  • Might occasionally suffer from slugs and aphids. The fern doesn't like insecticide, however, so, should something happen, try using warm water or handpick/waterspray the slugs off.

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