How to care for a Syngonium plant

Also known as an Arrowhead or butterfly plant, Syngoniums are known for their pointed or “spade-shaped” leaves. Native to tropical climates, this indoor plant likes when its soil is slightly dry before watering and thrives in a humid environment. Perfect for a living room or bright kitchen, ensure your Syngonium gets plenty of bright indirect light and water once the soil is about halfway dry! It is a relatively easy care plant that comes in a variety of colours.

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  • Average
  • Every 1-2 years
  • Low to bright indirect light
  • Toxic
  • Twice a month in spring and summer

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  • The Syngonium feels most at home in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico—but we're sure he will love your home, too!
  • These plants are average at cleaning the air.
  • The Syngonium is not pet-friendly!
  • You can allow about 3-5 inches of soil in your Syngonium to dry before watering it. They also LOVE humidity, so blast those humidifiers and refill those pebble trays!
  • Syngoniums are tolerant to low light conditions, but do best in medium-bright indirect light.
  • A balanced fertilizer a couple times a month in the growing season (spring and summer) will give your Syngonium all the nutrition it needs!
  • Syngoniums don't like to be root bound, so you can repot it every 1-2 years in a well-draining and aerating soil mix.
  • You can allow your Syngonium to trail, or you can prune it back for a more compact look.
  • These plants are not susceptible to any particular diseases.

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