How to care for a Mimicry plant

Split rocks are part of the Pleinopilos or Mimicry plant family. These plants are succulent-like plants that store water in the leaves but have the unique ability to need even less water than most succulents do. They are native to arid areas in Africa where they can go without water for months at a time.

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  • Very little
  • Once every two years
  • Bright direct or indirect light
  • Non-toxic
  • Not needed

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  • Originally from the arid areas of Africa, Split rocks are hardy, tough plants that love the bright outdoors. Put them in a spot with full sunlight and they'll do just fine. Their rock like structure make them a unique and favoured plant among many collectors!
  • Not a great air purifier. Size matters in the air purifying world!
  • These plants are not toxic!
  • Water this plant very sparingly. Only when the soil has completely dried out should you give some water.
  • Split rocks are best suited for bright light but can do just fine with indirect light.
  • Does not need any additional fertilizer. Easy right?
  • Repotting a split rock is something that doesn't have to be done often. These plants grow slowly and you should only repot yours when you notice that the plant has no more room to grow (or split)
  • Split rocks don't need to get pruned. If you find yourself seeing a leaf that is looking a little under the weather you could cut it out and your Split rock will be just fine.
  • Split rock are most prone to getting rot or mould as a result of over watering or an environment that is too humid. These plants do very well in south-facing window sills as a result of that. Be mindful with watering, less is more!

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