How to care for a Neanthebella Palm

The Parlour Palm is one of the most popular palms you will find all over the world. These palms are originally found in Mexico but have been a staple in many plant parent households for hundreds of years.

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  • Regular
  • Once every year
  • Bright indirect light
  • Pet friendly
  • Once a month in summer

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  • The Neanthebella is originally found in Mexico and Guatemala!
  • Just like most palms, the Neanthebella or Parlour palm is a strong air purifier.
  • This palm is pet friendly and not toxic! Yay!
  • Parlour palms need the soil to be constantly moist. Water again if you see the top soil dry out.
  • Medium to bright indirect light works best for the parlour palm. Don't put it in a south facing window, it does not take well to direct light
  • Fertilize once a month in summer
  • Repot once every year or once every two years to grow your parlour palm. Happy with the size? Don't repot!
  • Pruning the leaves at the base of the palm is best to keep your palm healthy. It is best to only do this when the fronds turn completely brown.
  • Mealybugs and others pests can be common with all types of palm. Be mindful of root rot and make sure you have proper drainage for your palm. With bugs, it is best to try spraying and cleaning the leaves first to see if that helps. With mealybugs try a cotton ball dipped in alcohol

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