How to care for a Madagascar Palm

Pachypodium Lamerei or Madagascar Palm are stem succulents from the island of Madagascar. These odd looking 'palms' are actually more cacti like in their behaviour. Keep your room warm in winter and ensure a bright spot near a sout-facing window sill to make sure yours thrives

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  • Very little
  • Once every two years
  • Bright, direct sunlight
  • Toxic
  • Once or twice a year

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  • Originally found in Madagascar, it's easy to see where these crazy looking plants found their name! Madagascar palms are used to the harsh sunny environments of the martimie tropical island life.
  • Not the best air purifiers out there. I guess you can't ask for much when your Palm drops all of its leaves in winter time!
  • The sap (and spines!) of this Madagascar Palm are toxic. Be careful with children and pets and see a specialist when ingested.
  • The Madagascar Palm needs very little water. Only water the soil when it has dried out fully. Stop watering altogether in winter when the plant loses its leaves and goes into hibernation mode. Don't worry, those leaves will come back in spring.
  • Madagascar Palm, just like most other palms and cacti love the sun. Place yours in a bright spot with as much direct light as possible.
  • A well balanced fertilizer once or twice a year will do just fine for this low-maintenance plant friend! Give some at the beginning of spring and summer to encourage leaf growth.
  • Repot your Madagascar palm when you notice it starts getting root-bound. Typically once every two years.
  • Not needed.
  • These plants aren't prone to many diseases but be careful with over watering as that tends to lead to root rot. Many make the mistake of thinking the plant's soil has dried out but be sure to check the soil thoroughly by sticking your finger a few inches deep. Any moistness and your Madagascar palm is still fine.

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