How to care for a Caladium

Caladium's are fun low light plants that do exceptionally well in shaded areas or areas with indirect light. They are known for their truly wild looking foliage that covers all colours of the rainbow. There are over 1000 different varieties and some even have see-through leaves. How cool!

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  • Frequent
  • Every two years
  • Low light
  • Toxic
  • Monthly

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  • Caladium were originally found in the Amazon dating back to the 18th century. These amazing plants carry unique foliage which have made them a popular plant among many plant enthusiasts. There are over 1000 different varieties of Caladium and new kinds are created still to this day.
  • Low air purifier.
  • Caladium are toxic so be careful with kids and pets. When ingested, seek medical attention as the sensation can be intense burning and lead to severe gastric irritation.
  • Keep the soil of your Calladium pot moist at all times. These plants need plenty of water during the growing seasin (spring/summer). Once fall hits you will notice your plant losing its leaves as it goes into hibernation. The tubers underneath the soil need time to recover so do not water them until spring!
  • Caladium do very well under low light conditions. Which is surprising given the incredible amount of colour they tend to put out in their leaves. They make for a great indoor plant as a result. Nice!
  • Fertilize about once every month. Caladiums need a lot of nutrients to push out those beautiful big leaves.
  • Repot once every two years when you start noticing you have LOTS of healthy tubers in the pot and there's no room for more.
  • Prune away leaves that have died off completely regularly to increase the energy going towards new and healthy leaves
  • Though aphids can be a problem. Caladium don't tend to attract a lot of pests.

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