Why Houseplants are the Ultimate Holiday Gift in 2020

Why Houseplants are the Ultimate Holiday Gift in 2020

We all know this year has not been the easiest on everyone. It's been quite an adjustment to support each other while keeping our social distance, and with the holidays quickly approaching, some of us are feeling more isolated than ever.

Houseplants and plant care have helped many people get through some pretty challenging times this year. One reason being is because plant care is synonymous with self-care. It takes considerable TLC and dedication for your plants to survive, and also thrive. Just think about when you see a new Monstera Deliciosa leaf uncurl, or a new leaf popping out of the stem of your Marble Queen PothosIs there anything more satisfying?! Ahh -  these small but mighty green amigo growths have a direct impact on our mood! 

Man tends to his houseplants helping with self-care over the holidays

As we spend more time at home, we’ve begun to see trends towards people improving their surroundings by adding pops of green all over their spaces. This is because our space impacts how we feel every day. Wouldn't it be great to give a gift this holiday season knowing that it has the ability to boost a mood year-round? Now that's somethin'!

Below are 5 reasons why houseplants make incredible gifts during the 2020 holiday season. 


1. Plant care is self-care

Houseplants are therapeutic to care for. You invest time into your plants and help them live a long and prosperous life, just like you invest time into yourself! Watering, pruning, and tending to your plants is a type of mindful practice that every plant parent can benefit from. 

Now, we know we’re not all perfect and sometimes we can forget to check on how our plants are doing. When gifting green this holiday, make sure to remind the recipient of your gift that they can get receive care notifications through the Plantsome App. Every first-time plant parent’s dream come true!


2. Gifts that just keep growing


Giving the gift of a green amigo helps not only the person receiving it to feel good, but is also more sustainable for the earth. As Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day approaches, consider the impact of your buying choices. The great thing about a plant is that if it’s properly taken care of, the plant can last a lifetime, and even be passed down through generations in the forms of propagating and gifting.  


3. Houseplants sure know how to boost a mood

What’s awesome about having green amigos around is that they’ve been shown to boost productivity and morale as well as reduce stress and fatigue. 

It’s also been shown that air-purifying plants absorb toxins from the air and give off oxygen which we need to breathe. When you’re inside for too long, the air can feel pretty stale. Adding some plants into your space can help improve this. Deep breath in, deep breaths out!

Check out our Top 5 Air Purifying Plants


4. Plant Delivery - Quick and seamless gifting

You can gift a green amigo without even leaving your home! On plantsome.ca, you choose the plant you want to send to a special someone and the plant will be delivered within a few days to their door. It’s as simple as that. No risking crowds at big box stores or malls, just a quick click and your gift is delivered. 


5. Everyone loves indoor plants!


Have you ever meant a person who hated receiving a plant? We wouldn’t believe it if you said you have! Traditionally, people bring flowers, poinsettias, or plants to holiday hosts as a thank you gesture. This year you can still keep the tradition alive, but make it virtual. Send a plant to the one that always hosts, we bet they’ll need that extra holiday boost. 



Green Amigo Gift Ideas: 

Arthur | Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine is a holiday staple, but also a stunner of a living tree that survives after the season’s change. This tree is a more sustainable option than a traditional cut Christmas Tree. 

Penny | Pancake Plant 

Let a friend know you’re thinking of them by gifting Penny, The “Pass it on” Pancake plant or Pilea Peperomia.

Lilly | Peace Lily

It’s believed that Lilly helps people flourish mentally, physically, and spiritually. And we could all use to little well-being boost!

Kaa | Snake Plant or Tucker | Cast Iron Plant

Kaa and Tucker act as subtle reminders that we can get through even the toughest of times. They can adapt and tolerate low light conditions and survive in spaces that most plants can’t. 

Plant Bundles

Gift a plant bundle to kick start someone's urban jungle - there's a plant for every type of plant parent. The best part? You can save over 15% on bundles this holiday season. 

If you’ve directly felt some of the awesome impacts of adding green amigos to your home, consider giving the gift of green to one of your friends or family members who could use it most this year!

Shop all green gift ideas on Plantsome.ca. 

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