Top 5 Plants to Keep Your Home Tropical During the Winter Season

Top 5 Plants to Keep Your Home Tropical During the Winter Season

Ok, so it's November now? It seemed like fall just started, and now we're already thinking about the holidays and binge-watching TV shows for the second time. Which Amigos are the most popular during this chilly season?  Read on to find the perfect plants to keep your home bright and tropical throughout the winter.  If you're new to this, all good.  Download our plant care app to make sure you ace the plant parent thing!


1. Indy

Looking for a plant that's both striking and low-maintenance? Meet Indy, also known as the Calathea Lancifolia or the Rattlesnake Plant! This handsome guy is native to the tropical forests of Brazil, and is part of the Marantaceae family - which is known for its deep green, reptile-like leaves.  He is an easy plant to care for, and is perfect for anyone who wants to add a tropical vibe to their home. He thrives in bright indirect or low light, and only needs to be watered every 1-2 weeks. Plus, this pet-friendly plant is perfect for homes with furry friends. So if you're looking for a unique Amigo to brighten up your space, Indy is the one for you!

Hand holiding a calathea rattlesnake plant against a white wall

2. Cranerys

Cranerys, otherwise known as Strelitzia or Bird of Paradise, is the queen of the indoor plant world. With her vibrant green leaves and unique flowers, she can transform any space into a tropical oasis. She is native to South Africa and gets the name from her flowers, which resemble brightly colored birds in flight. When it comes to plant care, Cranerys is easy to please. Just give her bright indirect or direct light and water 1-2 times per week. Keep in mind that the Bird of Paradise is toxic to pets, so keep her out of reach if you have furry friends at home. With her big leaves and low-maintenance needs, Cranerys is the perfect plant for any home.

Bird of Paradise Plant Flowering

3. Luke

Do you need a plant that's virtually indestructible? Meet Luke (The ZZ Plant)! This tough little guy is native to East Africa and thrives on neglect. Perfect for busy folks, travellers, or anyone who occasionally forgets to water. He invented low-maintenance living. Just give him bright indirect light and water when the top 2-3" of soil is dry and you're good to go! Just be sure to keep him out of reach of curious pets - this plant is slightly toxic to them if ingested. So why not give Luke a chance? He doesn't always pay rent on time, but he loves having deep conversations and cranking Taylor Swift in the morning.

ZZ Plant Near Window


4. Marty

Meet Marty, the areca palm! This graceful guy brings a touch of elegance to any room with his long stems and bamboo-like fronds.

Originally from Madagascar, he is also known as the butterfly palm, golden feather palm, bamboo palm, golden cane or yellow palm. And he's not just a pretty face - this tough little plant is drought tolerant and easy to care for. Just water it whenever the top few inches of soil are dry and you're good to go! So if you love low-maintenance amigos and drinking Pina Coladas, Marty is your man.



5) Amy

Also known as Maranta Kerchoveana or the green prayer plant, this tropical plant is native to Brazil and features slightly rounded, light green leaves with dark splotches. The backs of her leaves are a silvery green with close-lined veins, making each leaf totally unique. She does best in bright indirect light and high humidity and prefers moist soil. Amy is called a prayer plant because she folds up at night, as if she is praying. Praying for you in her life. Give her the opportunity to add some funky style to your home and watch her grow!

Green Prayer Plant

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