The 7 easiest houseplants to care for

The 7 easiest houseplants to care for

Are you someone who has trouble keeping a succulent alive? We understand, not everyone has a green thumb. And yet, plants look so nice and have so many benefits. What a dilemma! To help, we have put together a list of the top 7 easiest plants to care for. These green amigos are tough, and by tough we mean that they can survive pretty much anything. Forget to feed these strong amigos for a week? Not a problem! 


You knew these green amigos were going to be on the list! Cactus's are the go-to plant for every new plant parent and those who have trouble keeping their plants alive. Our friends Vern and Anciano are naturally accustomed to dry environments and can go without water for up to a month! In addition, it does not matter how much light your cactus's get (although please do not put your cactus in full sunlight during summer months). Another benefit of the cactus? Many like Anciano are vandal-proof, as they have very strong spikes. Ouch!

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 Een afbeelding van Bob de Cactus, in een witte pot die naast een bankstel staat.


Zamioculcas plants like our friends Luke, and Lucky are the ideal plant roommates. They hardly need any water and, like the cactus, have very little requirements for light. The only thing is that if you give them more light, they will grow much faster than if you put them in the shade. But other than that, pretty much anything goes!

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 Afbeelding van Lucas de Zamioculcas, die in een grijze pot naast een bank staat.


Dracaena is the family name of a group of houseplants like our friend Mojo, that can certainly take a beating. The difference in their shapes and sizes ensures that everyone can find a Dracaena that suits them. These powerhouses need very little water, are the best at purifying air, and are happy with a spot in the (partial) shade. Here at Plantsome, we have many green amigos from the Dracaena family.

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Afbeelding van Mojo de Dracaena die in een gele pot staat naast een bankstel. 


Sansevieria or more commonly known snake plants, can be found in almost every cafe, windowsill, and plant influencer's home. And there's a reason for it! Plants from the Sansevieria family like Gus and Kaa are pretty much indestructible. They are originally desert plants that are used to long periods of drought. And can go many days without water by storing it in their leaves. Because of this, it is important that you do not water these green amigos until the soil in their pot has completely dried. It is also best to leave these plants in their cultivation pot when moving them to an ornamental pot. The holes in the cultivation pot allow the excess water to drain, so that their roots do not rot.

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 Afbeelding van Guus de Sansevieria die in een roze pot naast een bankstel staat.


The Monstera like our good friend Alfredo is another easy-to-care plant that is also commonly found on Instagram. Like the other plants on this list, Monsteras don't need a lot of water but they do like if their soil is continuously moist. It is also important that you do not put Alfredo in direct sunlight, as that can cause his leaves to burn. Anyone got any sunscreen?

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 Alfredo de Monstera die in een moderne pot naast een bankstel staat.

Aloë Vera

Shampoo with Aloe Vera, face masks with Aloe Vera, hand soap with Aloe Vera...nowadays you can find our friend Vera pretty much everywhere! And it makes sense, because Vera really has it all. Not only are Aloe Vera plants very easy to care for, but they're also masters at purifying the air! And since they originally come from the desert, they also require very little water and aren't picky with light.

PS: while the juices of the Aloe Vera plant are found in many health and beauty products, they are also quite toxic so keep away from pets and children!

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 Een afbeelding van Vera de Aloe Vera in een grijze pot op hoge pootjes.


And last but not least is our easy-to-care-for friend... the Yucca! Yucca plants like Johnny have a sturdy trunk that makes them a very tough plant. They are also known as Palm Lilies although they're not even related to palms. Like other tough plants, the Yucca does not need a lot of water. To keep them healthy, regularly check to see if their trunk is soft at the bottom. If soft, hold back on watering for the next few days. Although Yuccas don't need a lot of water, they do enjoy a lot of sun, so make sure to put Johnny in a nice sunny spot.

>Check out Johnny on our website!

Afbeelding van Johnny de Yucca in een terracotta potje die naast een bankstel staat.

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