Plants and interior trends

Plants and interior trends

Plants are the best. Not only are they great amigos, but plants can also double as beautiful pieces of art. The only problem is that art is hard to make and it can be difficult for even the most creative plant-parent to decide how to decorate their home. To help, we have found some of today's most popular interior trends and made a list of the perfect green amigos to match them. Happy decorating!

Raw and industrial

Sustainability is here to stay and that is clearly reflected in various interior styles. Industrial living is a tough, raw housing trend that has become increasingly popular. The style is characterized by natural materials, earth tones, steel, leather and large materials (so lot's of big plants!).

Our great amigos; Alfredo, Mojo, Noah, Wilson, Kaa, and Tito feel completely at home in an industrial-style setting.



Modern hippie

Another trend that is also inspired by sustainability is the modern hippie interior. Sheepskins, colourful prints, vintage furniture and a lot of Rattan! For this kind of look, our hanging friends and cacti fit perfectly!

We recommend our friends Amelia, KateEloa, Chris, Anciano, and Vern. Groooooovy!



California dreaming

And last but not least is the California-inspired interior, one of the most popular interior trends today. It's characterized by playful and fresh pastel tones, old wooden furniture, crochet, and wicker baskets. Velvet sofas and gold and marble colours are also very popular in this California dream.

The Calathea sisters love this interior, as well as our friends Vera and Penny.



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