Plant Spotlight: Hoya

Plant Spotlight: Hoya

This week’s plant spotlight is shining on our beautiful amigo the Hoya! But... which one exactly? There are over 200 species of Hoyas in the world! This amigo has many names, including waxplant, waxvine, waxflower, and of course the classic hoya. He's having a bit of an identity crisis. Without further ado, let’s meet the hoya and his many personalities! 


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Bloom bloom pow

Hoyas can grow anywhere from 3-59 feet, or even longer when supported by trees. Their leaves can be smooth, felted, hairy, spotted, or veiny. That's quite the variety! These magnificent green amigos are capable of producing some pretty amazing flowers (if you are kind to them, and incredibly patient). Flowering could take up to two years but the result is stunning. They produce the cutest star-shaped flowers, ranging from white or pink to yellow or orange. 



Fun fact: the Hoya was named by a botanist in the 19th century in honour of his friend Thomas Hoy. Talking about taking your friendships to the next level!


Crimson Princess

One of our favourite hoyas is Carmen, the Hoya carnosa Tricolor. She's also called the Crimson Princess, because her variegation can be from white to pink to yellow to dark pink depending upon the growing conditions. Carmen is "Hoyawood's" golden girl. She looks great in pink, smells like a million bucks, cleans the air like nobody's business AND has the attitude to boost. She's still good at what she does too - the last role she played, in 2018, even got her a Palm d'or by the Royal Horticultural Society!




The Hindu rope plant like Sri is a Hoya carnosa, also called a "Krinkle Kurl". Sri has earned his name because of his long stems which hang like a length of rope. Sri might look like he's got all of his leaves just up in crinkles for no reason but you'd be so wrong to think that. You see, Sri is a master Yogi. And he's mastered the pose of the 'crinkle leaf' so well that it has become a permanent pose! All stretching and bending aside, we think those crinkly leaves look hella cute and make for a perfect backdrop when those beautiful Hoya leaves are in bloom. Wouldn't you agree?




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