Interview: Tarah's plant family

Interview: Tarah's plant family

We know, we talk a LOT. So we thought we'd take a break from that and listen to some plant parents in our community! Like any new parents, you're bound to make mistakes with raising your plant babies. But sometimes it helps to hear from other parents who have gone through the same problems as you. So we asked advice from one of our favourite Plantsome customers, Tarah! 


What does your collection of plants look like? 

"Like a modern day jungle. Here...look for yourself!"



What are your favourite plants? What are your latest additions?

"I love them all, but I particularly love tropical (looking) plants. Leo and Tito are my biggest babies. They take up substantial space and I feel most of the green benefits in their presence. I also have a special place in my heart for Aku Aku...she's my favourite one to witness sprouting a new bud."



What kind of trial and tribulations have you had with plants? What plants have you struggled with in the past?

"Actually when I first received Leo (my Majesty Palm), she was in need of some extra love. I was a new plant parent and couldn't seem to get the conditions right for her to thrive. I got a number of new plants all within a couple of months and had a hard time figuring out the ideal conditions for each of them, since they all varied in needs...kind of like humans! I think I was giving Leo too much sun, and also Amelia for that matter, though they both responded to it in different ways. I also had some issues with Brooke, my Calathea Medi-optica. Her leaves were turning white and after some research I found out she had spider mites! I've learned a lot over my time with them and I know I have more to learn as I anticipate the changing seasons and having to repot because of their growth. Plant parenting has provided me with some good lessons as I prepare for human parenting :)"



What is your motivation for having plants at home, what does it mean to you or how does it affect you?

"I got my first couple of plants right at the beginning of COVID. I was home alone with not much to do other than furnish the home I'd been living in for a few months but hadn't spent enough time in to fully furnish. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I saw that one of my friends got a delivery of some beautiful plants from Plantsome. Before that I hadn't considered having plants - I didn't have them in my previous homes and they just weren't on my radar. I could not even begin to imagine the impact they would have on me. They literally became my babies and breathed life into my home, which was especially meaningful at the beginning of COVID when I was barely leaving the house! The benefits I receive from them only continues to increase."


Are there any tips that you want to share, or things you've discovered?

"Over the last few months, I've developed a mindfulness practice, which I've noticed has been enhanced by my plants! I often practice mindfulness in a room with my plants. It's a time where I sit with myself and really tune in to and be with my surroundings intentionally, which is distinct from how I historically lived my life running from one thing to the next. As I look around my room, pausing to really observe my plant babies, I notice my breath slow and my chest and belly expand with deeper breaths. It's that practice that had me become present to Aku Aku's first bloom. I remember being moved to tears by the beauty of new life and also the opportunity to witness it that mindfulness provided...I know there's been so many moments like that I would have missed in the past. I'm so thankful for my plants for being part of this practice and I notice it's spread to a greater appreciation of nature in general. I now put my phone away when I'm walking and actually pause to marvel at the beauty around me - flowers, spiderwebs, the way the light beams through the trees. I love this way of living my life and encourage everyone to not only get outside but really be with the elements - they're powerful!"


Thanks for sharing, Tarah! Have any plant tips to share with us? Send us an email at, or send us a message on Facebook and Instagram!


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