Plant Styling Tips for the Holidays

Plant Styling Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for food, friends, and festive decorations. If you're wondering what to do with your collection of tropical plants this season, we have some plant styling inspiration for you! If you aren’t the best with holiday & seasonal decor, don't worry- you got this. We'll show you how to work with muted tones and subtle details to create a chic and festive look. So grab your plants, put on the movie "Elf" and get ready to decorate!


Terrarium and pine cones sitting on living room table with a plant and painting in the background

Photo by @danedeaner on instagram

Pine cones!

Pine cones are a great way to add a natural touch to your holiday decor.  Paired with a terrarium, this modern festive duo requires very little plant care. You can use acorns to make wreaths, garlands, and ornaments, or just cozy them up next to your plant amigos.



A holiday wreath sitting on a living room table beside a blue couch with a big candle in the middle

Photo by: @doamnateddy on Instagram

Candles and centrepieces

Okay, we had to include a classic wreath.  It can add a touch of elegance and will demand the room's attention- like most plants.  Meet our Holiday Wreath Holly.  She is very versatile and looks good anywhere.  Don't forget to watch out for free delivery on weekends during the month of December!



Minimalist holiday decor, three stockings hanging over a mantle with a pile of wood and plant beside it

Photo Credit

Just add stockings

This one is for the minimalist plant parents- less work is more!  Try replacing your hanging plants with stockings (and then GIFTS).  Too bad a big new bag of potting soil or soil enhancer can’t fit in there, or can it? 



A eucalyptus bunch hanging on a door with a red bow

Photo by: @somerville_gardens on instagram

Eucalyptus, hello

Leave the bad energy at the door! It’s been said that a Eucalyptus Bunch has a purifying, cleansing effect and clears away any negative energy in the space it's burned in. (We like to just let them live their lives though) Only good plants and good vibes this year!



A gift wrapped with plain white paper, candy cane inspired string and a a Christmas tree stands in the background

Photo by: @karishea.creative on instagram

Get creative with gift wrap

Oh, yeah. Yeah.  Keep it basic with a modest gift wrap, styled with reused plant trimmings.  Check out our holiday gift guide for gift ideas! One can never go wrong with a new plant pot or rubber tree



An overhead light hangs above a kitchen table, decorated with greenery, a big plant as the centrepiece

Photo by: @our_hanbury_hideaway on Instagram

Dining table deco

The food is what we all came for, right? Friends. We meant friends! Why not put your best plant on display and just add some piney details to complement it?  The rest of the table is for a shared meal and cry-laughing over cards against humanity.  



Rattlesnake Calathea and other plants on a window sill along with some Christmas decorations and lights

Photo Credit

Classic holiday additions

Give your plants a little company.  Holiday nick-nacks have a certain magic to them.  This year, we are going vintage-kitschy, why not? Don't be afraid to deck out your window sills with holiday deco.  This Rattlesnake Calathea is clearly thriving in the bright light.



A little dog hanging out in a cactus tent, the cactus is wrapped in holiday lights

Photo by: @OurBudSpud on Instagram

Let there be light

Hanging lights on plants is a great way to add some extra sparkle to your holiday decor. Watch out for cacti though, they are not very touchy-feely and winter is not exactly their favorite season.  If you’re looking for a cactus that thrives during this time of the year, meet Holly the Zygo Holiday Cactus! Easy to grow and easier to love.


Happy Holidays, from our plants to yours!

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