Good Vibes Only! 5 plants that bring positive energy into your home

Good Vibes Only! 5 plants that bring positive energy into your home

Feeling the wonders of the natural world is linked to reducing stress levels, and gosh, that is something we all need these days! So it is really no wonder that your indoor plants have the same effect (go green amigos!) Now that working from home has become the norm, creating a space that carries positive energy is absolutely essential! Inviting the “good vibes” in can improve your mental and physical well-being, especially in these times of so much uncertainty. 

Although we maintain that all our green friends are wonderful and most definitely pass the vibe check, we put together a small list of super special amigos that will bring all the good energy into your home!



Lilly | Peace Lily

According to Feng Shui, Lily the Peace Lily symbolizes peace and tranquility! Having these amigos in your space can help ease stress and headaches, not to mention, they will look absolutely stunning displayed in your home! 

The perfect spot in your home:  The peace lily plant prefers partial shade, which makes them pretty easy to care for. This means that they can survive in the bedroom or bathroom. But be sure to water well, Lily can get a little dramatic if she’s thirsty. She will let you know she’s thirsty if you see limp leaves, and wilted white flowers.

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Vera | Aloe Vera

We all know Aloe Vera is a great first aid companion, but this soothing amigo also promotes calm and happiness within your home! If that is not enough to convince you, maybe the fact that you can harvest aloe to make your own face mask will. What are you waiting for? Make your own Aloe face mask and have a self care day! 

The perfect spot in your home:Vera will look gorgeous anywhere, just as long as they’re kept in a bright, sunny environment! Make sure to look out for brown spots in your plant - this could mean that your space is filled with harmful chemicals, and you might want to consider moving this amigo somewhere else!


Bucky | Money Tree

Bucky, the money plant, lives up to its name! Bucky is said to bring good luck and money, according to Chinese culture. Get this plant ASAP if you’re going through an important life event, like opening a new business! We have to say, as far as lucky plants go, this one’s pretty lucky!

The perfect spot in your home:  With its unique shape, the money tree would definitely make the perfect dramatic indoor decor. We recommend somewhere with bright, direct sunlight - perhaps by the window of your living room.


Wendy | Jade Plant

Feng Shui enthusiasts will know that the Jade plant can transform your space into a calming environment and is said to bring down stress levels! It is also believed to invite good fortune and prosperity. The low maintenance quality of the Jade plant also uplifts the energy (because mulling over a plant is definitely not positive vibes). 

The perfect spot in your home:  Just like all good things, Wendy likes to be in bright sunlight! This plant would thrive in the front door of your house.


Kaa | Snake Plant

Kaa’s vibrant colour and unique shape is definitely all about the feel-good vibes. Snake plants are also said to improve your well-being and are historically treasured houseplants in China because it was believed that the eight gods bestowed their virtues upon those who grew the plant - long life, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, poetry, health, and strength! Talk about a well-rounded green amigo.

The perfect spot in your home:  Guess what - the ninth virtue of the snake plant is that it is extremely low maintenance! Kaa will basically be happy anywhere in your home, and you know what they say - happy plant, happy life!


Bring the good vibes into your home with these 5 plants.
Now that you’ve read all about these positive energy plants, it’s time to stock on up all these beauties and cleanse the negative vibes from your home. 

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