Five plants that play nice with pets

Five plants that play nice with pets

Is my plant poisonous to my cat or dog? It's a question we often hear from many concerned plant owners. And for good reason! Unfortunately, some plants are not safe for pets and will make any cat or dog sick, if eaten. To save our beloved four-legged friends from a sick stomach, we have prepared a list of five plants that are safe for pets.

Note: while these are some of the best plants for pets, there are many others on our website that are also great for cats and dogs. Check out our entire selection of pet-friendly plants on our website!

1. Palms

Palms are a very common houseplant and luckily, almost all palms are non-toxic. The Cycas Palm is the only exception, as its leaves can be very poisonous for pets. But besides the Cyca, almost all types of palms are safe. So green amigos like Beau and  Vicky are perfect for your furry friends!

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2. Calathea

The Calathea is known for its beautiful large leaves that close at night. Animals also find this a nice plant, as all Calathea are safe for pets. Cats especially like the Calathea during the warm summer months because they can relax in the shade under their leaves. Talk about a purrrrrrfect spot!

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3. Ferns

Most people know ferns from taking a walk in the forest, but they are also great houseplants! Ferns are very good at purifying air and also help provide more humidity, both great things for your health. But ferns aren’t only great for humans, they are also completely safe for your pet's health.

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4. Banana Plant

It would be very annoying if a plant that grows food is poisonous. And the Banana plant, or Musa as it is officially called, also agrees. This green jungle plant with its mighty leaves may look tough, but it secretly has a weak spot for the furry four-legged friends in its environment. Here that, pets? It’s time to go bananas!

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5. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a common houseplant that is known for being very easy to take care of. It’s also a great air purifier and most importantly, it is completely harmless for pets. Now who wouldn’t want a green amigo like Bert pet-sitting during the day?

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