All about Prepping your Patio this Summer

All about Prepping your Patio this Summer

Now that you’ve acclimated your green friends to the great outdoors, it’s time to put it all together to transform your outdoor space into your very own green oasis - whether you have a porch, patio, or balcony - buckle up, bring some sunnies, a glass of ice cold lemonade and apply a generous layer of sunscreen ‘cos Plantsome’s got your back this patio season!

How to prep your patio for the summer, Plantsome style. 

  • Create a colour scheme
  • A well-planned colour scheme will elevate the aesthetic of your space, and have all your guests talking about your patio game on the car ride home. Coordinating colours, patterns, and textures will set a balanced base for you to add accessories, accents, furnishings, and most importantly PLANTS! Tropical plants transform any ol’ patio into your own tropical oasis. Someone get this person a pina colada!

    White, grey, or beige patio furniture is not only sleek - but it will keep you cool for the summer! Having a lighter base will also allow you to have more fun with vibrant pillow covers and will definitely make those green amigos pop!

    Speaking of, colourful throw pillows and blankets can add that zing quality to your space! You can invest in buying different colour schemes every year as they are a relatively cost-effective way to change up the look of your space!

    With all this being said, don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics and textures and make it comfy - your outdoor space should reflect your character, and incorporating pieces that resonate with you will add a sense of coziness and lived-in quality! The most important thing to consider is that you are buying items that are waterproof and can withstand all weather conditions!

    2 ) Amp up on accessories

    Whether it’s mason jars, mosaic trays *cough* green amigos *cough*, or lanterns - deckin’ up your deck will create an inviting atmosphere that shows you put love and care into your space. Having other accessories will also complement the green amigos lying around and fill in space, resulting in a more balanced and harmonious look, we recommend fun coasters with our succulents!

    3 ) Consider the flooring

    An eye-catching tile on the patio can make all the difference. Neutral wood colours are an understated option that can allow you to be more “extra” with the furniture, while not taking too much away from the plants! A more whimsical pattern with vibrant colours paired with timeless furniture can also add some freshness and fun elements to the space! You can even add a patterned rug to cozy it up! Just make sure you are not experimenting with too many textures as it might be distracting and overwhelming!

    4 ) Add playful pieces of furniture 

    A chic hammock or swing chair can add a stylish laid-back touch to your space, an ottoman with a cool texture, or a fun outdoor bar cart where your guests can have unlimited ice cold lemonade ;) This can be both stylish and functional.

    5) Experiment with textures

    Don’t be scared to combine textures such as rattan, wood, ceramic, or metal! A balanced combination will give your patio a more dynamic look that can add natural warmth. We find that these natural fabrics and textiles pair extremely well with the lush tropical plants!

    6) Think about lighting

    String lights, Fairy lights, or paper lanterns are an essential element to completing your garden oasis, making your space look cozy and allowing you to hang out with your loved ones even after the sun sets!

    7) And last but not least, add some green amigos to make your space pop! 

    Meet the plants that love sunlight - best for patios with lots of it! 

    They’re aren’t a lot of green amigos that LOVE direct sunlight, because their leaves are sensitive to burns. But we've managed to put together a list of plants that would do well in lots of sun - four six hours to be exact. Yep, we’re looking at you rooftop patio people! 

    If you’re unsure whether your green amigo can handle the heat, then best to check in with one of our plant care experts - they’ll give you all the deets. 
    Email today!

    Jo, Flo & Mo or Jim, John, & Jane  | Succulent trio or Cactus Trio 

    Succulents are the perfect plants to add some zing to your patio because they come in various shapes, sizes, and colours! An added benefit is that they love soaking up the sun and can tolerate drought (hello, low maintenance!) - which means you don’t have to be choosy about where to place them!

    Hugh | Silver Torch Cactus 

    Hugh, are you calling old? Hugh’s not a boy anymore but he still likes to play around. He spends his days lounging in the sun, growing old but not maturing. Hugh is not toxic, but is definitely thorny to the touch. He requires little water and bright sunlight, give him that and he will live out the rest of his lifetime a happy little prick. 

    Dick - San Pedro Cactus

    Dick can be a real prick sometimes - but lay him out in the sun and he’ll crack somewhat of a smile. This amigo will stand out among the pack of leafy plants - plus, who doesn’t love boho-chic, desert accents to spice up your patio?

    Meet all the Succulents and Cacti that thrive in a sunlit patio. 

    Frank | Lemon Plant 

    There’s nothing better than serving lemonade freshly squeezed from your very own garden (talk about summer hosting goals). Frank demands direct sunlight, so don’t be afraid to place him front and centre to where the sun hits!

    Baloo | Banana Plant

    Bring the tropics to your backyard with this green amigo! Pick a bright spot because Baloo enjoys soaking up the sunshine and drinking up the water.

    Kaa | Sansevieria Laurentii

    Snake plants are okay in the sun, but only up to 4 hours. If left in the sun any longer, they won’t thrilled as their leaves can start to burn. 

    Kaa is the new mister independent, go easy on the watering and Kaa will thrive. This popular amigo comes in various forms from S-XXL, so you can go crazy by layering while decorating your outdoor space. 

    Shade-loving amigos - best for partially shaded patios

    These amigos are best for patios with bright indirect sunlight. Whether under an umbrella, shaded by another balcony or if your patio or backyard is north-facing.  

    Alfredo | Swiss Cheese Plant

    This instafamous amigo is so popular for a reason! Alfredo’s large shiny leaves will eventually become full of holes as they grow (hence the name!) Consider placing Alfredo in a shadier area because although he appreciates the sun, direct light will burn his fabulous leaves off! No one wants that type of sunburn!

    Amelia | Pothos Gold

    Amelia’s leaves grow tremendously fast, which means your patio/balcony will look like amelian bucks in no time! This amigo is a great choice if you want beautiful foliage draping along your space. Amelia prefers to be in low - medium lighting conditions, so find a shady area and let her to her (t)hang! 

    Cranerys | BOP

    You can’t go to the tropics, so why not bring the tropics to you? Cranerys is an absolute essential with her super big majestic leaves and would definitely be the centerpiece (if you purchase a XXL!) Just make sure to be careful if you have pets, because this amigo is mildly toxic.

    Harry | English Ivy

    Harry can bring a certain “old English castle” or “garden party with fairies” vibes. Tinkerbell, where you at?! Drape Harry over to create a sophisticated and mystic lush, green space. Leave it to the garden gnomes to care for Harry because he is so low maintenance!

    Carl | Boston Fern

    Ferns in hanging baskets will bring your patio game to the next level. This quintessential patio green amigo has a flair for the dramatics (just look at his fronds) that will make your backyard look like a tropical jungle!

    Want your patio to be the talk of the neighborhood? Check out a full list of outdoor plants in our carefully curated outdoor collection


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