Our most popular trailing/hanging plants

Our most popular trailing/hanging plants

Trailing plants are amazing. They always have a lot of character and are essential for creating a beautiful indoor jungle in any home. So to help you turn your home into the fairytale jungle of your dreams, we have compiled a list of our most popular trailing and hanging plants. We can promise that once you meet these wonderful green amigos, you definitely won't want to "hang" out with anybody else!


There are many different kinds of Pothos, and most are trailing plants. Our friends Mia and Amelia are some of the most popular, but others like Aurora are also great climbers. Pothos are popular plants because they are easy to care for and can withstand low levels of light. They also thrive in both plain water and soil, who knew!

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Philodendrum Cordatum


Senecios like Peggy, Flip and Ana are famous for their gorgeous and unique leaves that give any home a true jungle look. Most are avid trailers that love to be placed on a high shelf or hanging pot where they can let their leaves hang. Senecios are also succulents which means they are quite easy to care for and don't need a lot of water. Nice!

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Peggy the string of pearls

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

Ah, the spider plant. Time and time again, our friend Bert always ends up on one of these lists. Best plants for the bathroom? Bert's there! Easiest plants to care for? Yup, Bert's there too! And here he is once again, now as one of the top trailing plants. Bert, what can't you do?

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Spider Plant


Called Wax Plants because of their waxy leaves, Hoyas are another popular trailing plant. Their popularity mostly comes from the fact that Hoyas like Carmen, Reza and Sri last a long time and grow quickly. If treated well, Hoyas also produce small, porcelain-like flowers that have a strong and fragrant scent. How lovely!

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Wax Plant

Philodendron Cordatum

Philodendron Cordatum also known as our friend Kate is another gorgeous hanging plant. Kate is often mistaken as a Pothos, which she doesn't like one bit. And how can you blame her? Pothos have thick, waxy and rounded leaves while Kate's are thinner, softer and heart-shaped. But don't worry Kate, we know how unique you really are!

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Kate the Philodendron

Monstera Adansonii & Raphidophora Tetrosperma

Monsteras like Alfredo are possibly the most insta-famous plants. And it makes sense! Their split leaves with natural holes are very unique and absolutely gorgeous. And while bigger Monsteras Deliciosa can be spectacular showpieces, Monstera Adansonii are magnificent trailing plants that love to climb and trail. Just don't confuse Alfredo with his doppelganger Nikki. While Nikki is often called a mini Monstera and has similar trailing split leaves, she is actually part of a completely different genus– Rhaphidophora. But hey, let's show them both some love!

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Alfredo the Monstera Adansonii

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 Nikki the Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma


Anyone who has gone to Stanley Park can say first-hand that ferns are great. They have been around for almost 400 million years, you can find them anywhere in the world, and they're also wonderful as hanging plants! Boston Ferns and Birds Nest Ferns are recommended, as they trail the most. But really any fern can look good in a hanging pot.

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Boston Fern

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