Three reasons why you need plants in your home

Three reasons why you need plants in your home

If you've made it this far onto, you've probably noticed that we are a big fan of having plants at home! In fact, we think that everyone should have at least one plant at home. And no we are not saying that because we are in the business of selling plants! Okay, maybe a little bit. Honestly though, plants make people happy and there are many reasons for it. Let's name the three most important ones shall we?

1. A healthier home

You've probably heard this one before. Plants actually help clean the air around you. This is something all plants do! You may be sceptical but science doesn't lie! A lot of research has gone into the relationships between people and plants. People that have plants at home have a better air quality around them. Plants filter harmful substances like carbon dioxide and benzenes from the air. In other words, lets get rid of that terribly smelling air refresher and put a Tito or Heidi in its place! But wait, there's more!

2. A more productive life

Yes this is science speaking! Many tests have been done around peoples productivity in relation to plants. One in particular, done by the University of Michigan found that people's memory actually increased by 20% when they were working around plants. The Royal College of Agriculture in England discovered that students are 70% better at staying focused with plants around. Those are some pretty stunning facts we think! There are also clues that people are less error prone around plants. Less whoopsies is always better!

3. A more quiet environment

Did you ever notice how quiet it can be when you walk around a forest? Plants and trees are amazing at being natural noise cancellers. And why wouldn't you introduce that awesome quality back home! In terms of the amount of noise reduction you could look at curtains versus plants. Both have about the same effect at reducing echo's and noise. But plants have a leg up on curtains because instead of holding on to substances like dust and other particles, plants actually get rid of them! Curtain closed! 

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