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Ed's survival guide

Low maintenance? How about no maintenance!

Ed is a tillandsia. There, we said. What, that didn't ring any bells? Ok, we'll explain. Ed's also called an 'air plant'. Now, pretty sure THAT hit the nail on the Ed, amirite? Errr...anyway, you might have heard of Fred? That's Ed's little brother. They're both experts at making people happy. Both brothers are excellent gifts, so it depends on the effect you want: while one will make whoever you give it to Fred over heels, the other is Drop Ed Gorgeous.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Spray occasionally for its water needed
Low air purifying
Not applicable
12 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight

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What makes Ed so special

If you're trying to keep something alive for more than two weeks with a 100% success rate, Ed's your guy. Ultra low maintenance, that's totally his thing. This guy can filter water straight from the air. Here at Plantsome HQ, Ed does love an occasional mist, about once every week is ideal but if your Ed 'mist' out on last weeks misting, he won't mind much. Air plants are epiphytes which means they cling onto other things and catch nutrients from the air. They do not like to be planted in soil and although they look like they don't need much, they still need light and water just like every other plant. Ed loves to be hung from the air, dangling from the ceiling is his favourite hobby. He's also really keen on terrariums. Give him a warm welcome will ya?

*Side table not included*

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