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Donna's survival guide

Still in love with the sixties

She's a Stromanthe Triostar but listens to the name 'Donna'. Her beautiful striking green, cream white and pink leaves fit her perfectly. She has such a colorful personality. Frankly, the more we get to know her the more we realize she's kind of a hippie. Don't let her looks fool you, she'd love to be protesting the war and light a blunt. 'Make love, not war dude.'

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Water regularly water needed
Strong air purifying
Once every two years
50 cm tall, including pot
Bright north facing, no direct sunlight
Not toxic
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes Donna so special

If you thought all we had was green, think again! The Calathea Triostar has wonderfully pink and creamy white leaves and yes that is amazing. But what is even more amazing is the fact that she closes those leaves at night! You may have to get used to the rustle! Donna loves the light but keep her away from direct sunlight. Peace and love sister!

Stromanthe Triostar (XL)


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