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Xia's survival guide

Summer vibes on this one!

Xia's cascading fan-shaped leaves with green and yellow tones are a true tropical delight! This Chinese Fan Palm can slowly grow up to 6 feet tall, and, unlike most palms, Xia can tolerate a bit of under watering, cold temperatures and even partial shade conditions!! Having said that, Xia will always be a lot happier with bright, indirect sunlight and thorough watering once a week.

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Frequent water needed
Low air purifier
Once every two years
90 cm tall, including pot
Indirect light
Not toxic
Once every two months in summer

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What makes Xia so special

Don't you wish it felt like summertime all year long? Well... meet Xia! This picture-perfect gal will enchant you with her big tropical vibes regardless of the season. The story goes that Xia moved here after hearing about BC's unforgettable summers. You know... the lakes, the hikes, the beach... Yup, no doubt she made the right choice! Now, how do we tell her it rains for more than half of the year?

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