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Chanel's survival guide

Not tonight darling, momma needs her beauty sleep

Chanel’s a certified bombshell. We’re talking Hollywood type beauty. Leading lady looks. She’s the kind of plant that turns heads in the room and keeps them turned. It’s not just her immaculate looks, it’s the air of elegance she carries too. Sure, she’d rock your world but she’d also clean it up too. Nobody’s the same after they’ve had a Chanel. You don’t even get a Chanel. A Chanel gets you. Do we even have to mention her full red lips? God created the world in 7 days...but he spent 8 on her.

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Moderate water needed
Once every two years
35 cm tall, including pot
Bright indirect light
Monthly in spring and summer

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What makes Chanel so special

Because of the gorgeous way that Lipstick plants bloom, the flowers coming out of the bud make it undeniably similar to the tube of a lipstick. Anybody seeking a flower that will become a talking point should definitely pick up a Chanel. Too much watering can absolutely ravish a Chanel so be mindful not to soak the soil. These plants do need bright light (plus camera and action) but not all day long as their leaves can get scorched from too much sun. Place yours away from the window sill where it gets a few hours of sun for the best results.

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