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Jessica's survival guide

Say yaaas Queen

Jessica is a go getter. She started her career long ago as a movie and TV extra in L.A. but she's a gal with big ambitions. Back in the day she says she would juggle her time between countless auditions and being a bartender in a strip club bar near Long Beach. These days, Jessica is the lead actress in many Hollywood blockbuster movies and even has a Wax Bar. Its a strange combo but hey, you work it, girl!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Not needed
18 cm tall, including pot
South facing no direct sunlight
Not toxic
Once a month in summer

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What makes Jessica so special

Get ready to say "yaasss" to the Hoya Krimson Queen! This beautiful, variegated Hoya Carnosa is a visual treat, really! Jessica's lovely foliage features light and dark green tones with strawberry cream markings if treated well. Talking about care, make sure you let Jessica tan somewhere with bright, indirect sunlight. Also, don't forget to water her once a week but DON'T over do it. Coming from L.A., Jessica doesn't like the rain that much!

Hoya Carnosa Crimson Queen | Wax Plant (S)


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