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Grace's survival guide

Do you smell that?

Cream coloured blouses, secret shopping sprees, red lipstick, Chanel N°5, and a kitchen painted sage green. Grace always has a book in her hand, buys fresh flowers from the market, and never ever forgets to write you a birthday card. She is equal parts sophisticated, spiritual, and sharp as a tack.

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Frequent water needed
Every 2-3 years
120 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Every three weeks in the spring and summer

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What makes Grace so special

Grace has her sh*t together, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t require attention, in fact, Gardenias need diligent care in order to produce those famed fragrant flowers. Indoor gardenias thrive in 15-20 degree temperatures, moderate to high humidity and bright direct sunlight for at least half the day. Gardenia's are stunning but be careful with pets and kids as the Gardenia plant is toxic. Gardenia are also quite prone to pests so look over their leaves frequently.

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