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Phineas's survival guide

I know what we’re gonna do today!

We met Phineas many moons ago, backpacking through the South African wilderness. It quickly became a lifelong friendship and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him pay us a visit here in Canada! One thing to keep in mind about ol’ Phineas is that he is very particular about high humidity (he loves it) and doesn’t stand for cold drafts or heater vents. He also prefers a hefty drink as soon as the top few inches of his soil feel dry. BTW - given the right amount of light and consistent humidity, Phin’s funky variegation will really start to shine!

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Little water needed
Moderate air purifying
Once every 2 years
64 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Toxic to humans and pets
Once or twice a month during spring/summer

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What makes Phineas so special

Phineas is an eternal optimist. To his older sister’s indignation, this green amigo constantly looks on the brighter side of things (which explains his need for bright, filtered light) and takes every moment as it comes. He’s creative, incredibly brainy and known around Plantsome HQ for taking on massively weird projects! All with a big, leafy smile on his triangular-shaped leaves . So just as long as Phineas’ mother is kept outta the loop, he’ll happily help you with building a rocket or fighting a mummy or climbing up the Eiffel Tower… you get the gist!

Ficus Triangularis Variegated (XL)


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