Did you know that this couch will help you understand the height of your plant?

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Ocean's survival guide

A breath of fresh air!

Ocean believes in the power of plants and is on a mission to spread the word! You know those friends who always have a story up on social media telling you to care more about their worthwhile cause? That’s Ocean for ya in a nutshell and we applaud her philanthropy. Every year for her birthday she asks us to make a sizeable donation to her favourite charity instead of buying a gift, and we're better people for it! Her instagram bio claims that she’s a lover not a fighter but this resilient gal will be the first to throw hands (or stems) before ever backing down from an argument. But forreal, Ocean is someone to keep in your corner and that’s all we have to say about that!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
20 cm tall, including pot

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What makes Ocean so special

Epipremnum Pinnatum | Cebu Blue Pothos (S)


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