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Lee-Anne's survival guide

Friends with Chameleons

The Croton Petra is not the most air purifying plant that you'll find but fear not. Just like any other plant, Lee-Anne will turn Carbon Dioxide into oxygen for you. With Lee-Anne you'll have a happy houseplant no matter what.

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Needs water regularly water needed
Lightly air purifying
Once every two years
75 cm tall, including pot
Bright spot with no direct sunlight
Lightly poisonous
Once per month (summer)

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What makes Lee-Anne so special

The Asian beauty Croton Petra is one of the prettiest girls in the classroom. Lee-Anne may look innocent but she has a rebellious streak for sure! If anyone asks, yes she enjoys visits to the salon for a new look. How else would she change those colors all the time? We see right through you Lee-Anne!

Croton Petra (XL)


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