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Lana's survival guide

Leeeeeeet the sun shine in!

Lana is the friend that keeps you honest. She will tell you about that lettuce stuck to your front teeth because she knows it's embarrassing, and you need to know. She also tells you it's time to get rid of that crop top. Or at least she's trying to tell you, but she can't because she's a plant and plants don't talk. You see, Lana here is trying really hard to communicate with you but all you do is feed her and look at her funny. This is is such a confusing relationship!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Little water needed
Once a year
18 cm tall, including pot
Direct sunlight
Slightly poisonous
Not needed

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What makes Lana so special

Jade plants are real popular in South Africa where they grow in abundance. Lana is a hardcore succulent, which means she has a badass superpower: she. is. TOUGH. Forgot to water her for a few weeks? Lana shrugs it off like its no big deal. Accidentally put her in the fridge? No biggie. Left her at the tanning salon? She can handle it. She's easy like a Sunday morning and we love her for it!

Crassula Ovata | Sunset Curls Jade (S)


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