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Susie's survival guide

Hold the French press

Susie drinks her coffee like a connoisseur! Two shots of espresso, extra hot, with a dash of foamed milk (non skim of course). When we told Gino about Susie's affection for the Java his eyes lit up! He hasn't stopped asking us if we can move him to a shelf closer to Susie. Should we do it?

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Frequent water needed
Once every two years
30 cm tall, including pot
Bright north facing, no direct sunlight
Not toxic
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes Susie so special

Calathea's are beautiful plants that come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes even we are surprised! This Calathea Misto wasn't known to us until she knocked on our door but boy are we happy to welcome Susie to the party. Susie isn't as colourful as some of her sisters but she makes up for it with beautiful big leaves that never seem to stop growing. A calathea worth loving!

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